There is a #validator Discord channel available to reach other testnet participants. Also use this channel to share feedback and report issues.

View logs

Tailing the console.log is always helpful to get an idea of what's going on. Assuming your data is mounted at ~/validator_data, run:

tail -f ~/validator_data/log/console.log

This can be run directly on the Docker container as well:

docker exec validator tail -f /var/data/log/console.log

Compromised server

If you find that the server has been compromised just wipe it (save the blocks to avoid having to resync the entire blockchain), close the hole, stand up a new validator and then transfer the stake to it.

Syncing to the blockchain

Syncing to the blockchain could be impacted for the following reasons:

  • slow internet connection
  • your validator is disconnecting
  • you just launched an AMI instance (if using AWS)