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HNT staking using validators will be discontinued in 2023 Q1 with the impementation of HIP 70

Validators are a to be discontinued entity on the Helium Blockchain that perform the work of the consensus group including verifying transactions and adding new blocks to the blockchain.



Testnet to Mainnet Migration

There is no direct migration path to move Testnet Validators to Mainnet. To deploy on Mainnet, follow the deployment guide listed above.


  • Expectations - Read this guide first. These are the expectations of Testnet validators.
  • Design - Differences between the Testnet and the Mainnet.
  • Testnet Deployment Guide - How to get up and running with your Testnet validator. Including staking, running, updating, and monitoring.
  • Wallet Commands - Additional wallet commands for use with validators.
  • Test Cases - Test cases and areas of focus for the Testnet.
  • Testnet Explorer - There is a new Explorer being developed by Helium and the community.

General Resources