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Phases of Helium Governance

This page has not been fully updated to represent the latest state of the Helium Network following the migration to Solana on April 18, 2023.

Phase 1: Voting in Discord

When the Community was using Discord for voting, the participation was low, and developers prioritized ‘shipping code’ for quick changes to the protocol. Discord votes often happened through hand-raising, represented by tools available in the chat application.

Where can I see what was voted on?

HIP 1 to HIP 38 were voted on through Discord. Not all HIPs between HIP 1 to HIP 38 became proposals that the community voted on. Some were closed, abandoned, or withdrawn by the Authors. You can check the final status of these HIPs in the README at Each HIP has a corresponding Tracking Issue holding more information about the events around a HIP.

Each HIP has a corresponding HIP Discussion Channel in the Helium Discord. You can read the entire chat of discussion in the “HIP-ARCHIVE-1” section of Discord here:

Where can I see the results of the votes?

The Community documented the outcome of Discord votes in the Helium HIP Repository on GitHub. You can review the results under README at

Related program deployment history can be found on the Tracking Issue ticket itself. Each HIP has a Tracking Issue associated with it that can be found linked in the “Status” section of the README (linked above). The code of the Helium Network is available in the Helium Repository. The Repository is fully open-source and available for public review:

How can I see how each user/wallet individually voted?

At this time, the Helium Community did not conduct wallet voting. From HIP 1 to HIP 38, you cannot view voting results by an individual.

How do I vote?

The Helium Community no longer votes through Discord.