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Dedicated Console Post Mortem

· One min read

Around 18:30 PM PST 10/03/23, Dedicated Console started experiencing severe data transfer disruption. The core team received the automated alerts immediately and started investigating the issue, which was resolved around 19:30 PM PST 10/03/23.


This bug was caused by the Config Service cache dropping Dedicated Console’s delegate key, which rendered all Config Service API calls to fail on Dedicated Console. These failed API calls, including hotspot location query, EUI pair updates and session key filter updates, overwhelmed Router and disrupted data transfer as a result.

Next Steps

Based on our investigation, there’s no clear cause as to why Config Service’s cache dropped Dedicated Console’s delegate key, as there was no change being made to the persistent storage. The core team will add additional logging around the cache, so that we can see whether any method call modified the cache or whether it is something more low level.

On the communication side, the engineering team will page comms oncall through PagerDuty if they did not respond in team chat.

Apologies for the disruption and Thanks for your patience!