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Helium Wallet v1.5.0 and Helium Hotspot v4.3.0

· 2 min read

Helium Wallet 1.5.0

Prepare for the Helium migration to the Solana blockchain! This app update makes it easier for "blue app" users to successfully migrate to the Wallet app to manage their tokens. For those already on the Wallet app, migration will be easy. Just make sure your app is updated to the latest versions and your tokens will automatically be updated to use Solana.

Support for Helium Hotspot Migration

Adds support for incoming Wallets from Helium Hotspot App (blue app)

  • checks if wallet being migrated already exists
  • adds deeplink signing for transfer_hotspot and assert_location transactions coming from the Helium Hotspot App

Bug Fixes

  • fixes Wallet Connect to improve Crowdspot experience
  • fixes Android Ledger Scan


Helium Hotspot 4.3.0

The Helium blockchain migration to Solana is almost here! Prepare for the update by migrating your wallet to the Helium Wallet App (aka black app)! Migration is easy. Make sure you have Helium Wallet app v1.5.0 installed, then initiate the migration from the Helium Hotspot app.

You'll continue using the same 12 words in the Wallet app and continue managing your tokens. When the migration happens, you'll be all set on the black app.

Support for Wallet Migration

Adds 1-click support to export your 12 word seed phrase wallet to the Helium Wallet app (v1.5.0 required)

Onboarding of New Hotspots to Maker Apps

Redirects users during onboarding of new Hotspots to use Maker apps.