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Helium Wallet v1.3.0

· One min read


Import CLI Wallet

Do you have a CLI Wallet? Do you wish you had a user interface to use instead? Now you can!

Upgrade your CLI Wallet to v1.7.6 to export your CLI Wallet private key and protect it with a passphrase. Scan the private key (as a QR Code) with the Wallet app, decrypt the wallet with the passphrase you set up, and easily import a CLI wallet into the app. Once imported, you can use the wallet like any other wallet within the Helium Wallet app (send, receive, vote).

Multitoken Support

The app now displays all tokens available on the Helium blockchain in a single place, including HNT, MOBILE, DC, HST, and Staked HNT. All activity related to that token can be found by tapping the Token name.

Note that the Helium Vote option can be found in by tapping the "..." button between "Request" and "Send" buttons.

Multiple Ledger Account Support

The app now supports importing multiple Ledger accounts.