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Network Reliability is King

· One min read

The team is prioritizing its focus on issues to improve network reliability. Any new features or enhancement requests, while appreciated, will be added to our backlog and prioritized accordingly.

Rather than the usual sprint cadence of scheduled releases, updates that help stabilize the network will be released immediately.

This accelerated release schedule will not impact users of hosted Console offerings by Helium Foundation or Nova Labs, but open source users will need to upgrade on a more frequent cadence.

Just a reminder, Console is part of a system with multiple components, and certain issues will require updates to both Hotspots (gateway-rs) and the backend (Router). Hotspot firmware updates require the team to work with manufacturers to deploy.

The real-world application of this network is paramount and what differentiates this project from 99.9% of other decentralized projects. Confidence for users of the network is critical for its success and is a top priority for the team.