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Miner Release: Additional PoC Improvements and Enabling Mux

· One min read

The core developers have tagged a new 2022.06.01.0 miner release. This release is mandatory for all Hotspot Makers. Contained in this release are further improvements to the flatline issue (fixes HTTP2) and enables mux. Enabling mux allows all data packet traffic to be routed through gateway-rs and away from the erlang miner. This is a key step towards removing Erlang from Hotspots altogether.

This release also fixes PoC timing and lets a Hotspot retry PoC if a Validator falls behind and catches back up quickly. This release also decreases the amount of time before a Hotspot selects a different durable Validator if the first Validator is behind on blocks (from 15 blocks to 10 blocks).

#1707 Reduce invalid block age threshold #1705 stream related grpc client fixes (HTTP2 fix) #1616 enable mux/embedded light gateway #1689 allow check target reqs to be retried full duration of a POC


We have been testing 2022.06.01.0 on Mainnet and Testnet since May 31 12:00pm PT. Current ETA for GA is June 1, 2022 1:30pm PT.