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Miner Release: Fixes for Snapshot Loading

· One min read

The core developers have tagged a new 2022.05.11.0 miner release. This release is highly recommended for all Hotspot Makers.

This update contains a fix to snapshot loading now that Light Hotspots are live, adds better logging for Proof-of-Coverage, and adds missing seed validators to config.

  • #1600 Don’t propose old request transactions if challenger validators are enabled
  • #1340 Fixes snapshot by including validator_count
  • #1598 Adds missing seed validators to config
  • #1602 Adds additional logging
  • #1603 Fixes gRPC typo


We have been testing 2022.05.11.0 on Mainnet since May 11 3:00pm PT. Current ETA for GA is May 11, 2022 5:30 PM PT.