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Miner Release: Updated Golden Build for Light Hotspot Activation

· 2 min read

The core developers have tagged a new 2022.04.27.0 miner release. This release is mandatory for all Hotspot Makers.

We request that Hotspot Manufacturers upgrade their fleets by 00:00 UTC on 2022-05-11.

This update contains Light Hotspot software, and when activated via chain variable will change how Hotspots receive challenges, remove block sync from Hotspots, and stabilize Hotspot performance.

This will allow the approved HIP 55 chain variable to be activated and prepare for the activation of Light Hotspots.


  • #1576 Fix rebase typos
  • #1575 Fix missing setting of udp_port in state record (used only on restarts
  • #1574 Add audit var-127
  • #1573 Deb: create data/log dirs, set helium user homedir
  • #1566 Use env vars for common validator configs
  • #1564 Fix format error
  • #1567 Fix jsonrpc peer_refresh and add peer_book count
  • #1572 Fix typos
  • #1568 Handling non-poc packets in light mode w/o rust gw
  • #1562 Incorporate debian package enhancements
  • #1569 Bump deps


  • #1315 Make filtering gateways cheaper
  • #1312 Verify poc key pair
  • #1314 Reduce logs
  • #1307 Remove dc-overage from challenger rewards
  • #1308 Don't use context in a block absorb hook


We have been testing 2022.04.27.0 on Testnet since April 27. Current ETA for GA is April 28, 2022 1:00 PM PST.