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App Version 4.0.0

· 2 min read


OS Widgets (Perronef5 / Peroni_F5#3413)

iPhone users - our community member Perroni_F5 has added an incredible feature to the Hotspot app, adding 2 widgets to your app experience:

  • Helium Balance Widget (Great for quickly looking at your balance, 24 hr earnings, and current helium price.)
  • Helium Hotspots Widget (Great to take a quick glance at some of your hotspots details.)

Thank you Perroni_F5 for your contribution!

Maker Updates

Updates to RAK Support Email

  • Emails now go directly to RAK Support team when you run a diagnostic report.

Direct Users to onboard Bobcats using the Bobber App

  • As more Makers make their apps available on the App store, we’ll be redirecting them to use their new app instead. The first of which is the Bobber app that has been in market for over a month.

Remember, if a maker app asks you for your 12 word seed phrase, do not enter it! Only enter your seed phrase in trusted Helium apps.

Notice to Pixel 6 and Sensecap Hotspot Owners

  • Pixel 6 Android phones are unable to pair with Sensecap Hotspots in our testing. Other phone types and Hotspot manufacturers combinations work without a problem. Just a heads up!