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Miner Release: Embedded Gateway Stability and Configuration Improvements

· 2 min read

The core developers have tagged a new 2022.03.23.1 miner release. This release is mandatory for all Hotspot Makers. We request that Hotspot Manufacturers upgrade their fleets by 12:00 UTC on 2022-03-29. This will allow the approved HIP 54 chain variable to be activated and ensure Hotspots can continue creating Challenges using the new H3Dex-based PoC targeting.

The primary changes for this release are related to simplifying configuration or improving stability of the embedded light hotspot helium_gateway that, once enabled, will have device packet routing and crypto signing delegated to it from the primary miner process. With this change, the rpc connection between the miner and light gateway processes becomes more robust, and all UDP listening ports are automatically configured from the primary miner, radio_device setting in the sys.config which defaults to 1680. This release includes an updated version of the gwmp-mux embedded application routing UDP packets between the light hotspot and miner services. This release does not enable the embedded light gateway and mux services by default.


We have been testing 2022.03.23.1 since Mar 23 12:00 PM PST. Current ETA for GA is March 25, 2022 10:00 AM PST.