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Hotspot Firmware Release: Improve Storage Reclamation

· One min read

The Helium team has tagged a new 2022.03.15.0 firmware release for Original Helium and RAK/MNTD Hotspots.

This release changes the way Hotspots manage disk usage for storing local blockchain data. Specifically we are reducing the threshold that Hotspots clear up their disk and resync from a Snapshot. The threshold has been reduced from 90% to 70% full.

As disk utilization increases, we have noticed that Hotspots have a harder time syncing blocks so more frequent clearing allows Hotspots to recover from a non mining state sooner.

For those Hotspot owners flashing new SD Cards for RAK/MNTD and original Helium Hotspots, please use this base image going forward. No action is required otherwise, and all RAK/MNTD and original Hotspots will receive this update automatically over the air as long as your Hotspot is plugged in and connected to the internet.


We have been testing 2022.03.15.0 since Mar 11, 2022 11:30 AM PST. Current ETA for GA is Mar 15, 2022 1:30 PM PST.