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Console Updates- v2.2.4

· 2 min read

Sprint: 71

The team has released v2.2.4 release to production. A number of usability updates were completed including minimizing user input for Azure IoT Hub, making it simpler to add a label to new devices, and adding abiliity to use mobile UI to scan QR codes for devices that have implemented the LoRaWAN Device Identification QR Codes specification.

In addition, additional APIs were added to create custom integrations including HTTP, MQTT, Azure IoT Hub, and AWS IoT Core.

Full list of this sprint’s implemented features and fixes:

(Note: a closed issue does not necessarily mean the team took action, for example the issue could have been a duplicate or no longer relevant).

Open source users

Check the readme for instructions on how to use prebuilt Console images.

  • New open source users should follow Option 1 listed in the readme and use docker-compose-quay.yaml as the template for their docker-compose file.

  • Existing open source users can update their existing docker-compose file and replace the lines for just the "console" section with the updated lines in the latest docker-compose-quay.yaml file. If something does not work, simply revert your changes back to the docker-compose-quay.yaml file an issue here.

Database migrations will still happen automatically when using the hosted Console image.

Additional technical documentation.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Continue building out production-ready roaming services
  • Organization migration tools
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Central integration
  • Scaling out roaming services
  • Preferred Hotspot selection