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Hotspot Firmware Release: Allow RAK Support for RAK/MNTD Hotspots

· One min read

The Helium team has tagged a new 2022.02.10.0 firmware release for Original Helium and RAK/MNTD Hotspots. All Original Helium/RAK MNTD Hotspots have a designated hardware_type to identify its hardware version at the manufacturing stage. By targeting Hotspots by its hardware_type, this release will enable RAK/MNTD Support teams to investigate and diagnose Hotspot-related issues in a secure manner without interaction from the Helium Support team.

Original Helium and RAK/MNTD Hotspot owners that install 2022.02.10.0 on an SD Card will not need to specify their hardware_type in order to receive this update. The firmware will automatically detect the Hotspot manufacturer and enable the relevant support tools.


We have been testing 2022.02.10.0 since Feb 4, 2022 12:00 PM PST. Current ETA for GA is Feb 10, 2022 3:00 PM PST.