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Blockchain Release: Snapshot Fixes

· 2 min read

The core developers have tagged a new 2022.01.12.1 Hotspot firmware release which includes recommended improvements to snapshot loading and reduces their memory footprint. Furthermore, this release also contains bug fixes for state channel handling specifically for the client side which should now clean the internally stored channels appropriately when they observe a state_channel_close transaction.

Removal of the Hotspot Filter

As discussed on Discord and on other channels, the Helium team has been maintaining a network protection mechanism to prevent malicious actors and other forms of institutional gaming on the Helium network. As we promised to the network, we have removed this from this release but we urge the community to independently verify this information.

We await the community's decision on what to do going forward here. Cast your vote on these and other matters pertaining to network governance on


We have been beta testing 2022.01.12.1 since January 12, 2022 1:30 PM PT. Current ETA for GA is 12:00 PM PT, January 13, 2022.