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Console Updates- v2.1.8

· 2 min read

Sprint: 66

The latest version of Console (sprint 66) has been deployed to production. Due to holidays we had an extended sprint 65, which shortened sprint 66. T The team also began sprint 67 which will be the last sprint of 2021 with a release planned for early January 2022.

However, there will be an out of band release (sprint 66.5) planned 12/22 to release a few key features before the end of the year, including the ability to configure the receive window delay which the team believes will help with downlink issues.

The full list of this sprint’s features and fixes:

(Note: a closed issue does not necessarily mean the team took action and could mean the issue was a duplicate or no longer relevant).

Open source users

  • New users should use the latest master version.

  • Existing users are highly recommended to quickly update Console/Router to the newest version which includes the latest blockchain core update to ensure smooth operations.

For upgrading instructions check readme.

Additional technical documentation.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Receive window delay user configuration
  • Improve Console experience on mobile devices
  • Continue building out production-ready roaming services