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App Version 3.8.3

· 2 min read

App Version 3.8.3

This release includes improvements to API loading, adds rewards caching, and updates how earnings are calculated.

24H Hotspot Rewards

The 24 hour Hotspot rewards and summary found on the home page of the app is now based on UTC Calendar day and not a rolling 24 hour window. The impetus behind this change is to reduce the number of queries to the API to calculate this value.

App Cacheing

The app will now cache transaction data to reduce the number of calls it needs to make to the API on app launch.

Earnings Charts

The new default chart for Hotspots has changed from 14D to 24H. The chart also displays bucketed earnings in a UTC calendar day and no longer a rolling 24 hour window.

The 14 and 30 day charts are also updated to UTC calendar days.

Places Hotspot Checklist behind a feature flag

This feature flag will allow us to toggle this feature on and off without a new release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where the second map of assert location was off
  • Fixes a bug when asserting location and the button does not respond on first press because it's checking for a pending transaction
  • Removes the API check when pairing with a Hotspot over Bluetooth
  • Fixes a URL issue on Android where links can't be opened

Maker Support

  • Adds Deeper Maker support
  • Adds QR Code support for Controllino

Other Improvements

  • Adds HNTenna to the list of selectable antennas in the dropdown
  • Sorts antenna list by alphabetical order