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Console Updates- ver. 2.1.5

· One min read

The team added another prebuilt integration with a partner akenza IoT platform, as well as updates to Configuration Profiles, and the Coverage feature.

Features and fixes

  • Added prebuilt integration with partner akenza, instructions
  • Hotspot signal status via aggregated rssi value
  • Add hotspot common region code to uplink metadata
  • Configuration Profile delete warning if profile being actively used
  • Added option to include join request information with integrations #387
  • Packets from someone else #417
  • Misc integration error should trigger warning on flows workspace #907

Open source users

  • New users should use the latest master version.

  • Existing users are highly recommended to quickly update Console/Router to the newest version which includes the latest blockchain core update to ensure smooth operations.

For upgrading instructions check readme.

Additional technical documentation.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Continue building out production ready roaming services
  • Coverage enhancement provide a way to group gateways
  • Additional help resources
  • Light Hotspot support (diffs for state channels)