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Console Post Mortem (10/27 Connectivity Issues)

· 2 min read

On 10/27 a fix based on a community-raised issue was deployed along with a number of other updates in the 2021.10.27.0 Hotspot firmware release.

The firmware update included related PR miner#1136 which caused timing issues that resulted in perpetual join accept and requests, and impacted downlinks.

More details:

This issue only affected devices attempting joins or downlinks. Devices sending uplinks were not affected.

An emergency update 2021.10.29.0 was pushed on 10/29 afternoon to miners/hotspots to fix the issue. Read blog for more information.

Next Steps

To increase the robustness of the network and prevent a similar issue from reoccurring the team agreed upon the following next steps.

More focused releases

  • Focus on targeted releases which address related items vs just opportunistically adding unrelated items.

More scrutiny for issues raised

Request clarity from community for relevant issues by asking members up front to include additional context to answer the following:

  • What’s the problem that needs fixed or the opportunity for this feature?
  • Define the success criteria to test in the field to make sure it’s fixed or working.

More canaries

  • Broaden beta Hotspot test environment to include more canaries (hardware devices connected to beta Hotspot test groups).
  • Add automated network side black-box testing to verify devices continue to operate as expected after beta Hotspots updated.