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App Version 3.7.0

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App Version 3.7.0


StakeJoy as API Provider

We've added StakeJoy API support to the Helium App. StakeJoy provides data to and now the Helium app to provide users with an improved experience. To use StakeJoy, go to Settings, tap Choose API Provider and select StakeJoy.

When selected, StakeJoy will deliver all Hotspot, account, and validator information. Any transactions submitted to the blockchain will continue to use the Helium API.

There is now improved support when initiating a burn transaction from When you tap the transaction on mobile, you'll be directed to the burn transaction page immediately.

Currency Selector

In the past, converting HNT to a local currency was automatic and depended on your device locale. We've added support to override the device locale so you can select any currency supported by CoinGecko.

Find this new setting in the app > Settings > Currency.


As promised in the post-mortem from October 18, we've added lazy loading Hotspot rewards to the app. This was done to optimize API calls.

New Hotspot Support

We’ve added RisingHF and MerryIot/Browan as new options to add a Hotspot to the Helium network.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where the small map at the end of assert_location is slightly off.