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App Version 3.6.0

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App Version 3.6.0


Deployment Mode

Ever need to hand your phone to someone for installation but don’t want them seeing your seed phrase, use the wallet payment functionality, or transfer Hotspots?

Now you can! With deployment mode, users can “lock down” their app by hiding or disabling all sensitive information. To enable deployment mode, go to Settings > Deployment mode.

Please note that to disable Deployment mode, you’ll have to sign out and sign back in again. So double check that your 12 words are written down!

Big Thanks to Michael Brew for this contribution!

Check that payment transactions are to a valid wallet address

We now have a check in the app to make sure it’s a valid wallet address so no HNT is sent to Hotspots or Validators by mistake.

Scan QR Code to Assert Location

Another Michael Brew contribution - users can now generate QR codes to assert a Hotspot’s location, simply by going to the QR Code scanner, scanning a code, and it magically populates the update Hotspot location fields.

Check the Sender is the valid owner for scanned QR Payments

The final Michael Brew contribution, if you generate a QR code that has an embedded payment transaction with a sender address, the app will verify that the logged in account matches the sender before proceeding.

Validator Filters

If you have owned or followed Validators, they now show up on the Home screen lists.

New Hotspot Support

We’ve added PantherX and hummingbird as new options to add a Hotspot to the Helium network.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where if you selected an unowned or unfollowed Hotspot, the cursor will stay on a Hotspot name instead of scrolling back to the Explore icon.


We’ve had to disable city search functionality for the time being. We look to re-enable this in the future once we have some tools in place.

File Cleanup on the Hotspot-app Repository

Thanks to @friederbluemle for keeping us honest.