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Blockchain Release: Networking, PoCv11, and Transaction Bug Fixes

· 2 min read

The core developers have tagged a new 2021.09.26.0 Hotspot firmware release which primarily includes networking, PoCv11 and transaction manager bug fixes. It also includes a new core developer blessed snapshot at height 1024971 while we wait for the validator pool to update to version 1.3.3.

This is a required release for all Hotspot manufacturers as it contains bug fixes for (currently inactive) PoCv11 code.

Networking Improvements

A crash bug in the logic for deciding when to use a relay address has been fixed. This may help hotspots in certain configurations establish more stable networking.

Transaction Protocol v2

This release introduces an update to the transaction protocol that takes into account what height the consensus member rejected a transaction at. This is intended to help with cases of a transaction that is marked as rejected and then clears, especially for wallet transactions.

PoCv11 Bug Fixes

We've identified a few bugfixes to PoCv11 code. As this code is inactive, it shouldn't have any impact on running Hotspots but are required for the impending release of PoCv11.


We have been beta testing 2021.09.26.0 and prior release candidates since since Sept 24, 2021 7:00 PM PT. Current ETA for GA is 4:00 PM PT, Sept 26, 2021.