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App Version 3.4.4

· 2 min read


  • Update LongAP Descriptions
  • Add Maker type to Hotspot Details*
  • Add Linxdot, ClodPi, and Pisces to Hotspot Onboarding

*How the App Determines Maker Type

The app (and soon explorer) looks at the payer of the add_gateway transaction, and from there, looks up the DeWi approved Makers in the onboarding server.

If you have one of the earlier RAK Hotspot v1s, you may see “Helium” next to your manufacturer. This is because Helium Inc paid the onboarding fees for everyone, including RAK Hotspots at the earlier stages of network expansion. There is nothing wrong with this and doesn’t affect your earnings in any way.

If you have onboarded a Data Only Hotspot, you will not see a Maker type.

Bug Fixes

  • Wallet chart graph number wrapped in a funny way when there are too many numbers. This is fixed.
  • Fixed typo in Wallet blank state
  • Handle the case for newly added Hotspots without a online status
  • Attempt #1 to fix commas as decimal separator for Samsung keyboards
  • Fixed a checklist bug where a task can be pending and complete at the same time
  • Updates challenge interval to 300

Known Issues