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Console Updates- ver. 1.9.52

· 2 min read

This sprint we included updates for downlinks including refresh and showing payloads in both base64 and decoded text.

In addition, the team updated the backend (Router) with the latest major blockchain core release, more details here.

Features and updates

  • Ability to refresh the downlink queue
  • Console downlink queue shows payloads in Base64 and decoded text
  • LPP Decoder supports The Things Stack v3 additional data types
  • Discovery Mode work to customize frame time outs


  • Fixed data rate used when queueing downlinks
  • Resolved issue that forced JoinAccept DLSettings to always be 0

Open source users

  • New users use the latest master version.

  • Existing users are highly recommended to quickly update Console/Router to the newest version which includes the latest blockchain core update to ensure smooth operations. To update, check the newest instructions, rebuild, and restart. The database is not affected.

Documentation here.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Microshare pre-built Integration
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub pre-built Integration
  • CFList appended to JoinAccept:
  • Packet purchaser:
  • provide ability to recognize and forward non-Helium packets to other LoRaWAN Network Servers
  • integrate with ChirpStack LoRaWAN Network Server
  • Console 2.0 migration testing