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Blockchain Release: Adjusting Validation Timeouts

· One min read

As some of the community has noticed, block times and elections have been struggling the last week or so as the network continues to grow. The core developers have prepared the 2020.05.29.1 release which will adjust validation times for two known slower transactions in our blockchain. This is an optional but recommended release for miners on the network.

Forcing receipts transaction validation to 100ms (from 125ms) and increasing validation time of the consensus group transaction to 30s (from 10s) should improve block times between elections and make a successful election more likely.

miner#798: Give more time to consensus groups and less to poc receipts

After yesterday's emergency release to fix blockchain halt, the core developers noticed that election transactions were not getting enough time for validation and absorption, this PR updates the timeouts to help clear longer election transactions.


We have been beta testing 2021.05.29.1 since 11:00 PM PST 29th May, 2021 and will GA at 4:45 PM PST May 30th, 2021.