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Blockchain Release: Snapshot Update and Low Space Fix

· One min read

The team has a new release tagged 2021.05.19.0 which primarily fixes low space observed on some Hotspots with smaller SD cards and updates the blessed snapshot. This is a required upgrade for all miners and will be automatic for all Hotspots using the Helium firmware when we GA.

miner#781: Update snapshot to 851041

After yesterday's stability fix release the chain was successfully able to mint a new, complete snapshot 851041. The team has updated miner config to switch to the newer blessed snapshot for newly onboarded Hotspots to sync faster.

The fix for low space Hotspots is baked in the firmware of the Hotspots itself, simply removing previously created database directories if the storage usage is above 90% and recreating the required database directories from the newest blessed snapshot specified in miner config.


We have been beta testing 2021.05.19.0 since May 19th, 2021 4:30 PM PT. Current ETA for GA is 6:00 PM PT, May 19th, 2021.