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App Version 3.1.0

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Remote Assert

Remote Assert is finally here! Update your Hotspot's location without being physically next to the Hotspot, and without Bluetooth pairing! This improved user experience will make it much easier for Owners and Hosts to set up Hotspots.

Included with Remote Assert is the ability to add your Hotspot's Antenna Gain and Height. Each Maker's gain is different, and for ease of use, we've added a dropdown of default antenna gains to select from. If you've got an upgraded antenna, select Custom to enter your antenna's dBi.

Antenna Gain and Height will eventually be used to inform Proof-of-Coverage and until then, there is no urgency to provide this information for each Hotspot.

Another new feature this release is the ability to search - a Hotspot or a geographic location.

Search Hotspot:

  • Start typing to filter down your own Hotspots, or all Hotspots on the Network
  • Results will suggest Hotspots matching your input

Search Location:

  • Start typing a city name to see a list of suggested cities
  • Tap on the city to explore deployments in that area

Follow a Hotspot

View any Hotspot and tap the flag icon to follow it. Once followed, Hotspots will appear in the "Followed Hotspots" filter and you'l be able to see its witnesses, earnings, challenges, and status. You can even pair with a Hotspot that you follow and run diagnostic reports and update Wi-Fi.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where users were unable to Send Max
  • Notifications were displaying in the wrong order - that's now fixed