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April Maker Update & A New Process

· 2 min read


Here is the latest update from our Makers manufacturing Hotspots for the Helium Network.

A Better Process for Makers

DeWi, Makers, and Helium have agreed on an improved process that outlines how a Maker goes from application to approved - where more of the work is done upfront before it goes to community approval.

The New Process

Once a Maker submits their intention to be manufacturer of Hotspots via a HIP19 application, Makers no longer need to wait for community approval before starting hardware audit. By front-loading technical work (audits and integration) and due diligence (radio certification) and placing community approval and pre-orders last, the community will be better informed when approving new Makers and informing purchase decisions.

Here is a summary of steps that all new Makers will adhere to.

  1. Submit HIP19 Application
  2. Hardware Audit*
  3. Onboarding Integration*
  4. FCC, CE, or an equivalent radio certification, depending on regional requirements*
  5. Community Approval
  6. Pre-orders Begin

*These steps can occur in parallel

With that, existing Makers already approved will follow the legacy process. This includes Kerlink that has been community approved but not passed hardware audit.

New Makers

LongAP One is the first Maker to progress through the new process, congratulations!

SmartMimic is well on their way through onboarding integration. Once that’s complete, DeWi will verify certification and move onward to community approval.

RAKwireless, a previously approved HIP-19 Maker has shown intention on producing their own Hotspots separate from CalChip and has submitted hardware for audit.

Browan, Dragino, and ClodPi have all submitted applications and pending hardware audits.

Audit Status (Current as of April 13, 2021)

Results of the Audit are based on samples provided at start of audit.