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Blockchain Release: Assert v2, Performance, and Snapshot Update

· One min read

The team has a new release tagged 2021.04.02.0 which contains a regular maintenance update with a support for assert_location_v2 and a snapshot bump.

blockchain#519 Assert Location v2

Feature work to allow remote assert location and the addition of two new values on chain (gain and elevation). This feature is gated behind 3 chain variables, and activation will be announced next week.

Hardware Support

Added identifiction and support for 4GB Raspberry Pis.

Miner/Blockchain Updates

Minor stability improvements to snapshot loading and startup improvements for low-memory units.

Bump Snapshot

We have updated the snapshot block to 786241 to allow newly onboarded hotspots to sync faster to the current blockchain head block.


We have been beta testing 2021.04.02.0 since April 2st, 2021 4:00 PM PT. Current ETA for GA is 10:00 AM PT, April 3nd, 2021.

UPDATE: Due to a stable situation and light operator coverage, we are postponing GA until early morning PT on April 5th, 2021. If the situation worsen or operators become available we may GA before then.