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Blockchain Release: Rewards v2

· 2 min read

The team has a new release tagged 2021.03.24.0 which contains a significant overhaul of the Rewards transaction and maintenance improvements including a regular snapshot bump.

core#751 Rewards v2

The bulk of this release is enabling support for a new kind of reward transaction on chain. The transaction itself has been significantly improved to be smaller, more efficiently produced, and easier to gossip to nodes on the network (due to size). As more Hotspots come online and validators are introduced to the network, the rewards transaction becomes a bottleneck on the network's ability to produce blocks and becomes a more significant component to ledger size. We have not made any changes to the calculation of rewards so there will be no impact to actual rewards issued on the network.

Bump Snapshot

We have updated the snapshot block to 774001 to allow newly onboarded hotspots to sync faster to the current blockchain head block.


We have been beta testing 2021.03.24.0 since March 24th, 2021 5:15 PM PT. Current ETA for GA is 2:00 PM PT, March 25th, 2021.

The Rewards v2 transaction will not be used on chain until a chain variable is issued on chain, likely early next week. This will require an upgrade by all blockchain participants before chain variable activation. We will be updating all downstream projects, including blockchain-etl and blockchain-node, and updating Docker images when 2021.03.24.0 is released to GA.