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App Version 3.0.3

· 2 min read


Show which Maker paid for the Add Hotspot and Assert Location transaction

  • Now when you add a Hotspot or assert location and the Maker paid on your behalf, we show the name. Show Hotspot sync percentage in Hotspot list
  • Similar to Explorer, we show how much more your Hotspot has to go to reach 100% Do not let transfer proceed if it fails staleness check
  • Hotspots need to have active PoC activity (witness, beacon, or challenge) in the last 1200 blocks to be transferred. This prevents bad actors selling dead Hotspots. Rescan for Wi-Fi networks
  • During onboarding and in settings, some Hotspots may take a while to load their Wi-Fi network list. By allowing users to refresh from the app, they can get the latest list without re-pairing. Custom Picker component
  • We've customized the picker that appears in dropdowns for a more seamlined experience.

Bug Fixes

Fetch oracle price when user presses send on payment

  • The app now fetches the oracle price on the payment screen instead of loading on app start. This allows us to calculate transaction fees at the time of payment. This bug is most visible during volatile oracle price changes and users are attempting to send the balance of their wallet. Burning HNT to DC issue in non-US locale