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Console Updates- Events, Australia, and Tago.IO integration

· 2 min read

G’day mates. In addition to support for Australia 🇦🇺 (AU915), significant work to improve both the accuracy and scalability of events was completed. We also added a pre-built integration for the Tago.IO IoT platform.

Features and updates

  • Added regional support for Australia (AU915)
  • Delivered a pre-built integration for the IoT platform.
  • Updated event logs so events received with more precise timing (milliseconds), and additional integration request and response details. Also, the foundation has been laid to add LoRaWAN information to events in future releases for additional insights about packets.
  • Provided ability to show/hide dropped uplinks either due to late arriving packets, or inactive devices.
  • Included an update to prevent accidental deletion of an organization: requires both name of organization and DELETE.
  • App key now masked during add device process.

Open source users

  • For new users, simply use the latest master version.

  • For existing users, you also need to pull down the latest master version, build, and restart. The database will remain intact, devices will continue to send data, and the new migrations will get merged into it. We moved from seconds to milliseconds, the previous event data will be purged, and device packets and counters will be reset.


  • Increased the length state channels remain open to mitigate blockchain issues.
  • Deleted device using top right button correctly removed from Device table upon redirect.
  • Updated Downlink tooltip to match buttons.
  • Default p2p seeds were updated.
  • Improved device tracing.
  • Added CLI to query block aga (similar to miner).
  • Updgarded blockchain core to 2021.03.09.0.
  • Mark late delivered packets (from offer to packet) as "late".
  • Fixed packet multi-buy to accruately purchase the correct number of packets.
  • Fixed devaddr sorting which resolves issues related to routing packets with devices that had the same devaddr.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Downlink management capabilities
  • Add more LoRaWAN-related information to event log details.
  • Finalize module to integrate with other LoRaWAN network servers, initially ChirpStack.
  • Update Console core design based on Flows (beta) feedback.