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Console Updates- Ubidots, China support, and ux enhancements

· 2 min read

This release the team added another pre-built integration with Ubidots and extended regional support for China. In addition, the team completed a number of usability enhancements, including making it easier to add Labels to devices, and identify which devices have sent data.

Features and updates

  • Delivered a pre-built Integration for the Ubidots IoT platform.
  • Conforming with LoRaWAN spec: activation event split into join requests and join accepts.
  • Added regional support for frequencies used in China (CN470-510).
  • More easily manage Label information on the Device page.
  • Provided visual indicators to identify connected devices on Device and Label pages (green dot), and devices without Labels (faded and None in Labels column).
  • Updated quick action menus to be consistent across Console.
  • Made the left-hand menu togglable to increase work area.
  • Improved usability to attach multiple Labels to devices.
  • Provided a footer with quick links to resources.


  • Addressed an issue related to API keys disappearing when switching Organizations.
  • Updated the Adafruit IO template and ensured it appears when choosing the default template for Adafruit IO.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Release Console and its backend network server and blockchain components (Router) as open source.
  • Continue to add Asian regional support (AS1, AS2).
  • Ability to view and clear Downlink queue.
  • Update the Event log to include more LoRaWAN-related information.
  • Continue to add functionality to Flows (beta)
  • Create a module to integrate with other LoRaWAN network servers, initially ChirpStack.