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Console Updates- Flows (Beta), Notification Webhooks

· 3 min read

We’re excited to launch a beta release of Flows, a new user experience designed to simplify performing Console core actions. Also, in this release notifications can be sent via webhooks, and APIs for notifications have been added.

With Flows (beta) users can: Instantly see the relationships between Labels, Integrations, and Functions. Connect or disconnect Labels to Functions and Integrations and Changes made in the Flows workspace are reflected in other areas of Console and vice versa. Remember to save changes.

Nodes are identified by the following:

  • Labels: yellow
  • Integrations: depends on integration type (HTTP, MQTT)
  • Decoder functions: down arrows

We look forward to the experience Flows provides users and the additional features we plan on adding over time.

Features and updates

  • Released Flows (beta) to accelerate connecting Labels to Functions and Integrations.

  • Provided the ability to send notifications via webhooks. To access this setting, choose Label from the side menu > Label Settings > Notifications > Webhooks. To obtain a webhook key for authorization, choose Organizations from the side menu and copy relevant webhook key.

  • Included APIs for email and webhook notifications.

    `key`: `device_deleted`,
    `value`: `1`,
    `recipients`: `admin`
    `key`: `device_deleted`,
    `value`: `1`,
    `url`: ``
    `notes`: `hello world`
    • key matches notification type and must be one of following: device_deleted, device_join_otaa_first_time, device_stops_transmitting, integration_stops_working, integration_receives_first_event, downlink_unsuccessful, integration_with_devices_deleted, integration_with_devices_updated
    • value must be 1 for all except for when key is device_stops_transmitting when it should be the number of minutes to check that the device stopped transmitting for.
    • Email: recipients must be one of: admin, manager, read, all
    • Webhook: url must be the webhook url, and notes is optional.
  • API reminders:

    • To obtain an API key, click the user icon in the top right corner > My Account > Generate Key. You will need to verify the API key via email before you can use it.
    • To obtain a Label UUID, use a GET request:


  • Released a patch to address a timing issue under certain conditions could end up purchasing multiple packets.
  • Provided a fix to ensure ACKs are correctly sent and not duplicated.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Ability to clear Downlink queue.
  • Adding regional support (CN, AS 1,2).
  • Continue to add functionality to Flows (beta)
  • Release Console and its backend network server and blockchain components (Router) as open source.
  • Deliver a pre-built Integration for the Ubidots IoT platform.
  • Update the Event log to include more LoRaWAN-related information.
  • Create a module to integrate with other LoRaWAN network servers, initially ChirpStack.