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Blockchain Release: Stability Release - Required Upgrade

· 2 min read

The team has a new release tagged 2021.02.01.1 which contains minor bug fixes, routing transaction updates and a snapshot bump. This is a required upgrade for all miners and will be automatic for all Hotspots using the Helium firmware when we GA. Please read further for more details.

blockchain-core#726: Allow router to update XOR filters

The team extended the validation for routing transaction and added the ability for a router owner to update their XOR filters for the routing table. This will enable our upcoming open source release of the Helium Router.

erlang-libp2p#312: Ensure transport is aware of NAT server crashes

The team noticed cases of the NAT server crashing from not being able to renew and subsequent inability of the TCP transport to attempt to retry connection. This is now fixed.

erlang-libp2p#310: Fix the NAT matrix order

The team has fixed a bug where the NAT matrix was being traversed in reverse order causing excess relay churn and seed node load issues, this has been tested and fixed to behave correctly. We'd like to thank community members @yrral and @speedracer on Discord who noticed this issue.

miner#611: Bump miner snapshot

We have updated the snapshot block to 700561 to allow newly onboarded hotspots to sync faster to the current blockchain head block.

miner#609: Cleanup miner crashes

We have addressed a minor issue where the miner crashes due to the security key chip being busy on restart, this should be now more robust.

miner#608: Ignore unknown commands instead of handling incorrectly

The team noticed a few incorrectly handled commands in miner's consensus handler process, this has been fixed to ignore unknown commands instead of treating them in a way that crashed the handler and the local consensus group member.


We have been beta testing 2021.02.01.1 since February 1st, 2021 5:00PM PT. Current ETA for GA is 2:00 PM PT, February 2nd, 2021.