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App Version 2.9.0

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As outlined in the blog posted January 20, 2021, the team is making a change to how Hotspots are onboarded to accommodate our new third-party Hotspots and manufacturers.

We’re happy to announce another step in completing this initiative - the Helium App is now updated to support new onboarding accounts for Helium and Cal-Chip Connected Devices.

Please update your app to v2.9.0 for all Hotspot onboarding. Those who try to onboard with an older app version will experience errors and will be unable to add Hotspots.

At this point, all new onboarded Hotspots and RAK Hotspot Miners will be using the funded Data Credits.

As a reminder:

  • Adding Hotspots to the blockchain is free.
  • Setting a Hotspot location is free for Helium and RAK Hotspot Miners.
  • Setting a second Hotspot location is free for Helium Hotspots only.