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Chain Variable Update: Max Witnesses

· 2 min read

The team has successfully deployed support for HIP 15 and HIP 17 and switched to a beacon-only PoC model. One of the things we decided not to change with all of the other chain variables this morning was an increase to the number of max witnesses for each PoC. Now that we are confident with the way the Consensus Group is able to handle the new PoC receipts and new rewards calculations, we feel like it's safe to increase the max number of witnesses in each PoC receipt.

Previously, we allowed maximum PoC path length of 5 with each PoC hop allowed to have 5 max witnesses. This implied that the total number of witnesses per PoC transaction would be 25 (best case scenario). In the beacon-only model, since there's only a single challengee (beaconer) who would transmit a PoC packet, we are increasing the witness limit from 5 to 25.

You can read more about the deployment progress of HIPs 15 and 17 in our previous blog posts here, here and here.

Proposed Chain Variable

Chain VariableProposed ValueReason
poc_per_hop_max_witnesses25Increased to allow more witnesses per PoC beacon


We plan on issuing the chain variable transaction at 3PM PST on Wednesday, Dec 16 2020. We will update this post to reflect the transaction on chain when it goes live.