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Blockchain Release: HIP 17 Additional Bugfixes

· 3 min read

The 2020.12.15.2 release is an additional bugfix release to add support for HIP15 and HIP17. Please find a detailed breakdown of the bugfixes below.

blockchain-core#703: Update PoC path limit validation

The team is releasing one last minute change to chain variable validation to help allow one of the chain variables that need to be updated tomorrow to land.

Chain Variables

Here's a review of the chain variables we intend to activate tomorrow. Please note the additions of PoC path length and the change to the PoC Challengee and Witness percentages. The total pool between the two has stayed the same (26.55%) but we've adjusted the two numbers to be more aligned with the goals of HIP 15 as written by the author. Because of the way the blockchain calculates rewards (separately between the two pools), it is necessary to set the Witness rewards pool to be approximately 4 times the Challengee rewards pool to line up with the witness redundancy target of 4.

HIP 15

Chain VariableProposed ValueReason
poc_path_limit1Enabling Beacon PoC
witness_redundancy4Optimum desired redundant witnesses for a PoC transmission
poc_reward_decay_rate0.8Decay rate for additional PoC transmission
poc_challengees_percent0.0531PoC Challengee Rewards (formerly 0.18)
poc_witnesses_percent0.2124PoC Witnesses Rewards (formerly 0.0855)

HIP 17

Chain VariableProposed ValueReason
hip17_res_0<<"2,100000,100000">>Default (unused)
hip17_res_1<<"2,100000,100000">>Default (unused)
hip17_res_2<<"2,100000,100000">>Default (unused)
hip17_res_3<<"2,100000,100000">>Default (unused)
hip17_res_4<<"1,250,800">>Number of siblings: 1, density_tgt: 250, density_max: 800
hip17_res_5<<"1,100,400">>Number of siblings: 1, density_tgt: 100, density_max: 400
hip17_res_6<<"1,25,100">>Number of siblings: 1, density_tgt: 25, density_max: 100
hip17_res_7<<"2,5,20">>Number of siblings: 2, density_tgt: 5, density_max: 20
hip17_res_8<<"2,1,4">>Number of siblings: 2, density_tgt: 1, density_max: 4
hip17_res_9<<"2,1,2">>Number of siblings: 2, density_tgt: 1, density_max: 2
hip17_res_10<<"2,1,1">>Number of siblings: 2, density_tgt: 1, density_max: 1
hip17_res_11<<"2,100000,100000">>Default (unused)
hip17_res_12<<"2,100000,100000">>Default (unused)
density_tgt_res4Resolution to calculate density
hip17_interactivity_blocks3600Number of blocks since last_poc_challenge a Hotspot is considered active


We began beta testing 2020.12.15.2 around 07:20 PM PT, December 15th, 2020 and plan to deploy to GA on Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 around 9:00 PM PT.

We still plan on activating HIP 15 and HIP 17 chain variables on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020 and will be announcing this change via push notification and on Discord.