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App Version 2.7.0

· 2 min read


  • Migrate legacy secure store data in preparation for new app version (v3). We recommend all users update to this new app version. Failure to update to this version could mean losing access to your Wallet/Account and associated Hotspots if a user directly upgrades from 2.6.1 to 3.x.x. as a restore from the deprecated secure store will no longer be supported. This is also a good reminder to write down the 12 words used to generate the wallet's private key. You can find those 12 words by launching the Helium App > More > Advanced > Reveal 12 Words.

Bug Fixes

Android 8.0.0

Some Samsung Galaxy S7 users running Android 8.0.0 were unable to launch the app due to a splash screen size issue. We've optimized the logic for those types of devices so that it pulls a smaller file instead. Users will be able to launch the app once they update to 2.7.0.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Layout Fix

New iPhone 12 Pro Max users saw a layout issue with the navigation menu. This is now fixed.

Hotspot Offline Notification Icon clipped

The Hotspot Offline Notification had a clipped icon. This is fixed.