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Blockchain Release: Feature Updates

· 2 min read

The team has been busy working on a new blockchain chain release tagged 2020.11.17.0. This release contains a few new features:

Transfer hotspotblockchain-core#659, miner#555HIP13
Remove score from consensus groupblockchain-core#676, miner#561HIP16
Beaconing Rewardsblockchain-core#662HIP15

NOTE: Each of the above features will remain dormant until we activate their corresponding chain variables. This release is in preparation for the support for the above features.

We have also updated the snapshot block to 591841 to allow newly onboarded hotspots to sync faster to the current blockchain head block.

Chain Variable Activation Schedule

The team has settled on the below chain variable activation schedule for the features mentioned above. We will keep the community apprised if this changes.

FeatureProposed Activation Date
Transfer hotspotPlanned: Monday Nov 23, 2020
Remove score from consensus groupPlanned: Monday Nov 23, 2020
Beaconing RewardsTentative: End of November

NOTE: There's some remaining work to be done to implement transfer hotspot using the CLI and will be prioritized as one of the last features of the v2 mobile app.


We have been beta testing 2020.11.17.0 since November 17th, 2020. Once the team is comfortable with initial testing, we plan on releasing to GA at 10:00 AM PST, November 19th 2020.