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Console Updates- Manager role, open source Cargo

· 2 min read

This release includes a new Manager user role, and other usability updates as well the Cargo tracking application was released as open source.

Features and Updates

  • Add Manager user role: an operational role similar to an Administrator without certain capabilities including the ability to manage Data Credits, users, or Organizations.
  • Released Cargo asset tracking eval tool as open source here.
  • Ability to switch Organizations from the main header menu.
  • Updated UI to provide a smoother navigation among pages.
  • Mapped Console ver. number to Engineering Blog release notes.


  • API fix: updates happen in real time for Integrations similar to Console UI.
  • Updated Console so reloading browser no longer displays inaccurate Hotspots signal details.
  • Addressed an issue related to labels that caused functions to stop working.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Add a pre-built integration for Adafruit IO.
  • Console custom notifications: provide email notifications for a number of conditions related to devices and integrations.
  • Provide the ability to pay for additional packets for redundancy and location triangulation purposes.
  • Include support for LoRaWAN adaptive data rate (ADR).
  • Provide more information related to LoRaWAN commands in the Event log.
  • Release Console and its backend network server and blockchain components (Router) as open source.