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App Version 2.6.1

· One min read


Send Max HNT

In this new update, we've made it easier for anyone to send the full amount of HNT in their wallet. You no longer have to worry about calculating the transaction fee.

Support for other transaction types

Security Tokens transactions and mining rewards are now supported.

Performance Fixes

  • Update to React Native 63
  • Update to Android Target Version 29

Security Fixes

Android PIN Bypass

A Helium Discord community member alerted us of a change in behaviour in the Android mobile app where a bad actor can access the account screen, completely bypassing the PIN screen if auto-rotate is enabled in their phone settings. This is a security vulnerability and can allow bad actors to access your wallet and funds.

We strongly recommend ALL Android app users update to app v2.6.1.

Special thanks to @Weelecht for discovering this vulnerability.

Bug Fixes

DC Display Amount

We now show the correct amount of Data Credits generated when burning HNT.