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Emergency Release: Additional RAK Hotspot Fix

· 2 min read

The team has prepared a second emergency weekend release, tagged 2020.10.31.1. This release addresses a software issue that affects only a subset of the RAK Hotspot Miners, which were unable to witness challenges or build witness lists.

RAK Hotspot Miner owners who purchased from Cal-Chip with a Rev 1.2 Rasberry Pi 4 board would have noticed that there was no improvement with the prior emergency release today (tag 2020.10.31.0). During our initial testing with the RAK Hotspot Miner, we identified one revision of this board but did not expect this new one before they were released to the public. We believe that this fix will at least handle the new revision for the weekend and we'll look at a more holistic change over the next week.

Helium Hotspots are not affected by this issue.

Be advised that there's still a possibility that the RAK Hotspot Miners may fail to update to the new release 2020.10.31.1 for the same boot pin misconfiguration as described in the prior post and may require an power cycle after 30 minutes of operating with the new firmware.


We are currently beta testing 2020.10.31.1 and we will release to GA imminently. Current ETA for GA is 9:00 PM PST, October 31st 2020.