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Console Updates- Second rx window, custom JSON messages

· 3 min read

In this release we provide support for a second receive window, a number of UI improvements, as well as a beta feature that allows users customize JSON messages sent to Integrations.

Features and Updates

  • Included a second receive window for devices aligned with LoRaWAN spec.
  • Increased Data Credit visibility: total for Organization prominently displayed, as well as on specific device page.
  • Group import capability supports adding an additional labelID column in the CSV file for imports.
  • Labels can be quickly swapped from one to another from the quick action menu. For example, if Labels were defined for location (SF, LA), and a device moved from SF to LA, users could easily swap these location Labels for devices. This same feature could be used to define different customers, POC vs. production devices, etc.
  • Included pause/resume device transfer on Device index page quick action menu.
  • Significantly improved uplink speed by caching devices instead of needing to query DB each time.
  • Beta - JSON Message Templates: provide users the ability to customize the JSON message sent to HTTP, MQTT or AWS IoT Integrations. This is a beta feature and we expect only users familiar with templating to try this feature. More info about the logic-less Mustache templating we're using here.
// Browan example
{% raw %}{{#decoded}}{{#payload}} {% endraw %}
"battery": {% raw %}"{{battery_percent}}"{% endraw %},
"lat": {% raw %}"{{latitude}}"{% endraw %},
"long": {% raw %}"{{longitude}},{{payload}}{{decoded}}"{% endraw %}
"device_id": {% raw %}"{id}}"{% endraw %}
  • Current list of template of supported keys and values:
"id": "device_uuid",
"name": "device_name",
"dev_eui": "dev_eui",
"app_eui": "app_eui",
"metadata": {},
"fcnt": 2,
"reported_at": 123,
"payload": "base64 encoded payload",
// ONLY if payload is decoded
"decoded": {
"status": "success | error",
"error": "...",
"payload": "..."
"port": 1,
"devaddr": "devaddr",
"hotspots": [
"id": "hotspot_id",
"name": "hotspot name",
"reported_at": 123,
"status": "success | error",
"rssi": -30,
"snr": 0.2,
"spreading": "SF9BW125",
"frequency": 923.3,
"channel": 12,
"lat": 37.00001962582851,
"long": -120.9000053210367
"dc": {
"balance": 3000,
"nonce": 2


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Add manager role: this would be an operational role that is similar to an Administrator without certain capabilities including the ability to manage Data Credits, users, or Organizations.
  • Provide email alerting for a number of conditions related to devices and integrations.
  • Include support for LoRaWAN adaptive data rate (ADR).
  • Providing more information related to LoRaWAN commands in the Event log.
  • Release Cargo asset tracking eval tool as open source.
  • Release Console and its backend network server and blockchain components (Router) as open source