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App Version 2.5.0

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View Witness List

In this new update, we've brought in a feature called "View Witnesses". This new feature can be found on your Hotspot's page. Simply toggle the View Witness to see all the Hotspots that your Hotspot has seen and interacted with!

This Witness List can vary over time as new Hotspots come online, Hotspots move, antennas get upgraded, and as the list gets refeshed every 2 weeks.

This list serves as the basis of how challenges involving your Hotspot are constructed.

Not seeing any witnesses? If you're a new Hotspot, witnesses can take up to a week to fully populate. Otherwise, check that the antenna is affixed properly, that the Hotspot is situated next to a window, and it is unobstructed by objects. Looking to upgrade your antenna to improve the range? Head into our Discord Server and find the #Antennas channel to learn more about what works best for your setup.

If you're a lonely Hotspot, you won't have any Hotspots in the witness list. New Hotspots are coming online everyday around the world so this shouldn't last long!

Changes in language used in Challenges

In an effort to simplify and understand Challenges in the mobile app, we've removed terms like receipts to help our users understand why a hop in a path passed, and why it wouldn't.

In the simplest sense, a Hotspot can pass a challenge in 2 ways:

  1. If a valid witness hears the challenge being transmitted to the next hop
  2. If the Hotspot in the next hop confirms it heard the challenge

To consider a witness as valid depends on several factors. This includes distance, RSSI, and FSPL. In its simplest terms, if the RSSI and FSPL fall within an acceptable range of normal, and the Hotspot is more than 300 meters away, then it is a valid witness. To read more and understand what makes a witness valid, our Discord server is a great place to engage. Check out the Technical -> #poc-discussion channel.

RAK Hotspot Miner

In preparation of RAK Hotspot Miners coming online, we've changed our Hotspot onboarding flow to include the RAK Hotspots. Keep in mind that RAK Hotspot Miners do not have a bluetooth pairing button. In order to pair with the RAK Hotspot Miner, you will need to unplug the Hotspot, plug it back in, wait about a minute for the Miner to boot up, then scan.