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Blockchain DataCredit Reward and JoinAccept Fixes

· 2 min read

The primary objective of the 2020.10.12.1 release is to address the missing data credit rewards for blockchain_txn_state_close_v1 transaction. This release also fixes inconsistent JoinAccept for packet transfers.

Addressing the Missing DataCredit Rewards

When a blockchain_txn_state_channel_close_v1 transaction appears between the next epoch start (next election block for new consensus group) and the grace period of the state channel close (as defined in the corresponding open state channel transaction), there's a possibility that the data credit rewards for hotspots involved in packet transfer for the duration of the state channel would not appear in the next epoch. The team has addressed this bug and to preserve backwards compatability guarded the change behind chain variable reward_version.

Once reward_version is set to 5 the fix will come into effect and data credit rewards will appropriately appear in the corresponding epoch change.

Addressing Inconsistent JoinAccept for Packet Transfer

The team has addressed reported concerns for inconsistent JoinAccept for packet transfers as reported by network users. This was caused due a regression in refactoring old code. We expect JoinAccept to be more consistent once 2020.10.12.1 release goes GA. Note, this does not require a chain variable to trigger.

Blessed Snapshot Update

Finally, this release bumps the blessed snapshot to height 540721 which will improve sync times of newly onboarded Hotspots.


We have begun beta-testing 2020.10.12.1 around 6:30 PM PST on 12th October, 2020 and plan to release it to GA by 3 PM PST, 13th October, 2020. And we will activate reward_vesion=5 on Monday, 19th October, 2020.