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Blockchain PoC v10

· One min read

The 2020.09.21.1 blockchain release adds support for PoC v10.

With the release of PoC v9, the blockchain experienced a halt and subsequent block slow down, please refer here for further details. This release addresses the performance issues the team noticed with PoC v9.

Proof-of-Coverage v10

PoC v10 remains practically the same as PoC v9 in principle except the addition of request_block_hash in the poc_receipts_txn to allow fetching valid receipt and witness information in an optimized manner.

The proposed chain variable updates are:

  • poc_version from 8 to 10
  • data_aggregation_version from 1 to 2

Aditionally, this release bumps the blessed snapshot to height 509761.


We have been beta-ing 2020.09.21.1 since 9 AM PST on 22nd September, 2020 and will release it to GA by 1 PM PST, 22nd September, 2020. The proposed chain variables will be activated separately on Wednesday, 23rd September 2020.