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Console Updates- Debug Pane, pause transfer, and internal monitoring

· 2 min read

Debug pane enhancements, ability to pause data transfer for devices and across organizations, and tools for internal monitoring by Helium dev team.

Features and Updates

  • Updated Debug pane: information is easier to view, can be copied to clipboard or exported as json file, and entries can be cleared.
  • Provided ability to pause data transfer for a device or an Organization with on/off switches on pages: Device, Device index, Labels, and Organizations.
  • Added more front end metrics for internal monitoring by Helium dev team.
  • Internal backend monitoring and metrics for Helium dev team.
  • Fix custom decoders crashing (it will now retry to decode if crash is detected).
  • Improve state channels handling.
  • Updated to enforce a max payload for downlinks to adhere to LoRaWAN spec.


  • Deployed a fix for the issue causing decoder functions to suddenly stop working. Decoders exist in a "context", an isolated memory space in a v8 VM (see here). A context will now be recreated if it fails and the function restarted.
  • Released a patch to update state channels and increase stability.
  • Fixed an issue with TTN devices and Labels not appearing consistently.
  • Addressed downlink payloads incorrectly displaying as empty in Debug window.


The team’s focus in the coming weeks (usual disclaimers apply):

  • Ability to filter and sort tables.
  • Adding MAC command information in event logs.
  • Update MQTT integration to allow more flexibility.
  • Include support for LoRaWAN adaptive data rate (ADR).
  • Release Console and its backend network server and blockchain components (Router) as open source.