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Major Blockchain Release - Multisig and POC V9

· 2 min read

The 2020.09.15.0 release is a major blockchain release adding support for two features: Multisig and POC-v9.


Currently, Helium is the sole entity involved in proposing and issuing chain variables which control the behavior of the blockchain. This is done via signing the chain variable txn using a single authoritative key. With the introduction of multisig, we go from having a single key to a group of keys, a majority of which will be required to sign a chain var txn. This change is guarded behind use_multi_keys chain variable and will be in effect once we activate it.

Proof-of-Coverage V9

POC V9 now checks and validates witnesses and receipts contained within a POC transaction by checking whether the reported RSSI, SNR and Frequency are within reasonable bounds. We have also added channel and datarate fields to poc-witness and poc-receipt record definitions. This change is guarded behind two chain variables that the team will activate once we GA the release. The proposed chain variable updates are:

  • poc_version from 8 to 9
  • data_aggregation_version from 1 to 2

Additionally, we also improved logging to better debug POC related issues. Finally, this release bumps the blessed snapshot to height 499681.


We have been betaing 2020.09.15.0 since 4 PM PST on the 15th and will be release it to GA by 8 PM PST.